Hvide Sande Local investments for local benefits

Country: Denmark

Involved Regions: Hvide Sande

Website: https://www.hvidesande.com/ln-int/hvide-sande/three-windmills-hvide-sande

Capacity in in Megawatts (MW): 45000

Involved RES Sectors: Wind

Short Description

The three wind turbines at Hvide Sande Nordhavn were established by the “Foundation Hvide Sande Business Development”, founded by the Holmsland Klit Tourist Association. The turbines’ owners pay high land rent to Hvide Sande Harbour and this rental income is used to co-finance new
port facilities. The power produced by the wind turbines is approximately 45,000 MWh per year. The turbines contribute to reaching Ringkoebing-Skjern municipality’s goal of becoming selfsufficient in renewable energy by 2020. Hvide Sande has, since 2012, fought resolutely against foreign investors and major projects which would not involve the local community. Several local actors established a nonprofit fund which helped tackle the issue of the community´s energy independence. The obligation to make non-profit use of surpluses was the key in persuading the population to agree to this scheme. The three wind turbines demanded an investment of €12.2m, 20% of which was paid by 400 co-operative local stakeholders.

Key Facts

  • The early involvement of the local population and the opportunity to participate in a co-operative form are exemplary. Hvide Sande demonstrates how acceptance of renewable energy can be achieved through consistently focusing on local needs.
  • Since January 2012, the turbines have been supplying about 45,000 MWh of sustainable wind power, annual yield values that are otherwise only achieved by offshore installations. The expected returns will be invested in the modernisation and development of the harbour, which is of great importance to the region. Furthermore, Hvide Sande promotes energy efficiency for public buildings, various business initiatives and initial steps towards public e-mobility.


Contact Person

Asker Geuty
Project Leader

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