CREATing cOmmunity eneRgy Systems

CREATing cOmmunity eneRgy Systems

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Call Topic: H2020-LC-SC3-2020-EC-ES-SCC

Community Energy Systems (CES) are generating a lot of interest, however smart energy community models are still experimental, with a piloting purpose and funded mostly by subsidies. CES initiators lack the capacity for high-quality simulation, business modelling and automated operations.
CREATORS aims to accelerate the integration of CES across Europe by supporting local actors throughout the entire life cycle of a CES and bring “CES-as-a-service” models to a commercial readiness level. For this purpose, CREATORS will develop and prepare a set of applications and service packages that will help in the initiation, planning, implementation and operation of Community Energy Systems. Additionally, to ensure commercial readiness and high market uptake, viable business models will be designed and built upon verifiable data on technical and financial performance.
The project will be deployed in four sites in Belgium, Spain, Slovenia and Estonia and reproduced in another six sites in Bulgaria, France, the Netherlands and Spain. The delivered services will reduce preparation and operational costs by 60 %, ensure 99.95 % uptime, reduce capital expenditure by up to 35 % and increase additional incomes by 40 %, resulting in local energy price reduction and job growth across CES.

Cordeel Zetel Temse

Budget: EUR 7 247 500

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