Country: Portugal

Involved Regions: Whole Portugal


Number of Members: 1000

Capacity in in Megawatts (MW):  0,656

Involved RES Sectors: Solar

Short Description

Coopérnico was founded by a group of 16 citizens from different professional backgrounds with different backgrounds, but who share a common concern: sustainable development. Since then, many more citizens have joined Coopérnico and participate in the activities and cooperative management.
View: A renewable, fair and responsible energy model that contributes to a socially, environmentally and energetically sustainable future.
Mission: Involve citizens and companies in creating the new energy paradigm – renewable and decentralized – for the benefit of society and the environment.

Key Facts

  •  There have been developed 15 projects out of which 3 are still active.
  • All projects are associated with photovoltaic systems.

Contact Details

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