Green Energy Cooperative (ZEZ)

Country: Croatia

Involved Regions: Croatia


Number of Members: 22

Involved RES Sectors: Solar

Short Description

Green Energy Cooperative (ZEZ) is a cooperative that deals with planning, development, management and financing of renewable energy sources and energy efficiency projects. The cooperative was founded with the aim of dealing with the local community with special emphasis on sustainable tourism development, agriculture, commercial and public institutions. The vision is to put energy production in the hands of the citizens of Croatia and Europe.

Key Facts

The cooperative works on designing and managing sustainable projects in energy sector with specific emphasis on the projects in the local community. The cooperative offers its clients a comprehensive services and activities, including:

  • Planning and managing of RES projects.
  • Supply and installation of renewable energy resources and energy efficiency on the principle “turn-key”.
  • Preparation of cases and investment studies, preliminary design and projects documents.
  • Support in financing projects in direct contact with financial institutions through alternative financial mechanisms such as crowdfunding, ESCO service, co-financing through funds.
  • Project application and project management from national and EU funds.
  • Implementation of its own projects with specific emphasis on the commercial and public sector, tourism and agriculture.

Contact Person

Goran Jeras

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