Project Website: http://electraenergy.coop/here-comes-the-sun-first-community-solar-farm-in-greece/#av_section_2


The first community solar investment in Greece

Electra Energy Cooperative is proposing the development of a 180 kWps community solar farm on 2,500 m2of land located in the region of Lamia (Central Greece). By setting up an Energy Community legal entity, this solar farm will be able to power more than 50 homes and small businesses producing and supplying 264,500 kWhs of clean solar power for a period of 25 years.

The solar farm will be licensed and contracted following the rules of the new Ministerial Decision for self – consumption: “Virtual Net Metering” which allows any member in the energy community to own a share in a community solar farm and to benefit from the solar production retrofitting the annual electricity bill. The energy community will be constituted in Athens and will act as the SPV (Special Vehicle Purpose) providing the legal scheme for the management of the members and the distributed ownership of the community solar farm.

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