Solar community energy project in Recklinghausen

Country: Germany

Involved Regions:  Reklinghausen


Capacity in in Megawatts (MW): 195

Involved RES Sectors: Solar

Short Description

There are many public roof surfaces in cities which can be easily used for the generation of electricity and heat. The citizens of Reklinghausen decided to exploit this potential with a community power project. The initiators of the project wanted to give the city an opportunity to get involved in a renewable energy sources project and make a positive contribution to the environmental protection. The city of Recklinghausen supports the initiative by the lease of the roof surfaces for the PV cells. The mayor of the city also personally invested into the project.

Key Facts

  • Since July 2011, the citizens of Recklinghäuser feed the electricity from three PV systems into the power grid. The plant produces around 195,000 kWh of electricity per year. This amount of energy is enough to supply around 60 households with electricity the whole year.
  • Investment costs of the project were 220,000-260,000 EUR. Citizens could participate in the project with the minimum investment of 500 EUR. The average investment amount was 3,300 EUR. The project was 100% financed with own capital resources.
  • Three GbRs (Gesellschaft bürgerlichen Rechts) were established in order to run the project. In addition, a union (Verein) SolaRE e.V. was established. The association is responsible for the construction and operation of the PV systems and three GbRs containing 70-80 citizens each are financing and using the solar systems.

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