Som Energia

Country: Spain

Involved Regions: Whole Spain


Number of Members: 40000

Capacity in in Megawatts (MW): 10

Involved RES Sectors: Solar, Biomass, Wind

Short Description

Som Energia is a non-profit green energy consumption cooperative. Our main activities are the commercialization and production of renewable energy. We are committed to promoting a change in the current energy model to achieve a 100% renewable model. We produce electrical energy in generation facilities from renewable sources (sun, wind, biogas, biomass, etc.)

Key Facts

The cooperative has different facilities for generating energy from renewable sources to produce electricity. Currently, we generate 10 GWh / year thanks to our facilities. This production represents the volume of electricity used by approximately 4,000 households of our partners and customers. (2,500 kWh / year on average).But as our objective is to cover the demand of our partners with our own projects, and  to promote new generation projects.

Contact Person

Jaume Aliaga
Energy Consultant

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