This Knowledge reference website is part of the Action Plan of Otranto and Corfu Straits, which has been developed in the frame of PASSAGE project. Citizens and communities on both sides of the Straits of Otranto and Corfu need to produce clean and affordable energy towards a low carbon economy. Energy Communities can promote social and solidarity-based economy and innovation in the energy sector, tackling energy poverty, promoting energy sustainability and innovation, production, storage, self-consumption, distribution and supply of energy as well as improving local acceptance of RES and energy efficiency in end-use at local and regional level.
In all the interested parties may find information about projects related to energy efficiency and energy cooperatives, and furthermore this reference website could facilitate the different stakeholders getting access to needed knowledge, resources and contacts, providing ground to any body concerned to promote ideas and relevant co-operation. may host the ambition of all PASSAGE partners and stakeholders in the different EU maritime Straits and further than that.

Interested parties are welcomed to participate. If so they may contact InnoPolis to discuss liaising through