PASSAGE project is aiming to develop a low-carbon transition at the scale of 6 European straits and 5 maritime border regions. The first phase of the project (April 2016-March 2018) was focused on the diagnosis and the identification of levers for action. The second phase of the project (April 2018-March 2020) will be dedicated to the implementation of the action plan.

That Action Plan aims at triggering a low-carbon transition of the straits of Otranto and Corfu, based on the evidence provided by the carbon emissions’ study carried out in the framework of PASSAGE project.

One of the outcomes of the Action Plan is the current website

Given that cross-border cooperation in climate mitigation and adaptation is necessary, it is high time to develop an energetic system coherent with the main local and socio-economic variables. A local Government system supporting CO2 reduction will be established. The actions to be implemented are the following:

1.1 Assembly of Mayors will work to launch initiatives to reduce CO2

1.2 Creation of a “Vademecum” for funding

Time frame:

Action 1 will be developed during the Phase 2 of PASSAGE project, by March 2020.

Coordinating Partner: Province of Lecce, Italy

Energy efficiency measures are meant to reduce the amount of energy consumed while maintaining or improving the quality of services provided in the buildings. The main benefit from measures to improve energy efficiency buildings is lower energy costs. On the other side, due to the growing emphasis on environmental protection as part of Corporate Social Responsibility, shipping firms have begun to recognize the importance of greening as they service the global community in international trade. The actions to be implemented are the following:

2.1 Energy efficiency in Otranto & Corfu straits’ Ports buildings & tourism infrastructure

1st step: The state of art of public buildings: Tool for Energy Efficiency in public buildings

2nd step: The importance of Energy audits

Coordinating Partner: Region of Ionian Islands

2.2 Green shipping – energy efficiency in maritime vessels of Otranto & Corfu straits

Promoting Sustainable shipping drivers, Research and Innovation

Time frame:

Action 2 will be developed during the Phase 2 of PASSAGE project, by March 2020.

Coordinating Partner: Regional Council of Vlora, Albania

Citizens and communities on both sides of the Straits of Otranto and Corfu need to produce clean and affordable energy. Energy Communities can promote social and solidarity-based economy and innovation in the energy sector, tackling energy poverty, promoting energy sustainability and innovation, production, storage, self-consumption, distribution and supply of energy as well as improving local acceptance of RES and energy efficiency in end-use at local and regional level. Within this scope, the local communities need to be sensitized and raise their awareness regarding energy efficiency, climate change and low carbon economy. The actions to be implemented are the following:

3.1 Energy Communities reference website for Otranto & Corfu straits

Knowledge reference website

3.2 Awareness raising on energy communities

Communication plan, Promotion via Social media campaigns & electronic communication, Roadshows targeting local key stakeholders

Time frame:

Action 3 will be developed during the Phase 2 of PASSAGE project, by March 2020.

Coordinating partner: Innopolis Centre for Innovation & Culture, Greece

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